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Cares from the leaders
If without the cares from the leaders in every rank, the solicitude from every circle in the society and the support from the countless friends, there would be no today of BNSV
In the rocky days, long and hard, there are the cares accompanying us all the time on the way to go ahead with a heavy load
In the years like singing, so fast the time flies and there are the supports by side of us always on the way to soar with the wings opened
Full of thanks to the all, by BNSV……
The prime power derived from the all cares and supports encourages us, forever, forever


Enterprise News
· Symposium of Women's day Was Held in Bensv  2019-03-08
· Bensv Won The Certificate of "killer mace" in Tianjin  2019-03-01
· Video | Bensv 2018 Summary & 2019 Working Conference  2019-02-28
· BNSV Domestic and International Exhibition Video and Partial Performance Review  2019-02-09
· Video | BNSV shares New Year Speech  2019-02-03
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